You can use Motioncube technology on an interactive floor that is controlled by body movement, light pens, and also reacts to the movement of robots.

How does Motioncube interactive floor work?

Imagine children playing on a large multimedia mat with illustrations, texts, sounds and music. The surface on which children run reacts to what they are doing. The interaction is realized by the projection device hung on the wall. The boards react not only to movement, you can also draw your dream pictures on them using the light pens.

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Interation by motion

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Pen-controlled games

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Fun with robots

Mobilny pilot Motioncube

Obsługuj podłogę interaktywną za pomocą bezpłatnej aplikacji Motioncube Mobile Control na Twoim telefonie lub tablecie!

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Dla urządzeń z systemem Android 8.0

Pobierz aplikację Motioncube Mobile Control na swoje urządzenie mobilne

Przejdź do Centrum Pomocy Motioncube i postępuj zgodnie z instrukcją obsługi pilota mobilnego.

Dla urządzeń z systemem IOS

Aplikacja dla systemu IOS jest w przygotowaniu.

Powiadom mnie gdy aplikacja będzie dostępna dla Mojego urządzenia.

Are you looking for ready interactive floors based on Motioncube?

See the list of Motioncube compatible devices

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Interaction types supported: motion, ligt pen, robot

Mounting place: on the wall, stand

Producent: Mentor Systemy Audiowizualne, Poland

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DIY - Do it yourself

You can configure the projection device based on the available components and using our guide.

See how to
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Dedicated device

You can inquire about an integrated solution based on Motioncube from your local supplier or integrator of multimedia equipment.

If you are a manufacturer of multimedia devices and want to create Motioncube-compatible interactive floors, please contact us.

If you have not found an offer for your country, please contact us.


Interactive applications and solutions for edu and fun.

Download the Motioncube Player and play with apps for free period.

The operator of the Motioncube is LavaVision - a polish company with years of experience in development of interactive systems and applications.


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