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Motioncube IR Kit
Next-generation technology for interactive devices

Discover the new EE module - the heart of the interactive device that enables you to create interactive projections allowing users to interact with apps in various ways on the projection surface.

Motioncube IR Kit
How it's working?

Support for various interaction techniques at one device

Motioncube IR Kit provides full support for apps and games operated via various ways of interaction:

Motion Detection
Infrared Light Pen Control
Remote-Controlled Vehicle Tracking
Mobile Augmented User Interface

Auto-calibration of the interaction area

Motioncube IR Kit provides full support for automatic and precise calibration of the projection area.

What is inside?

Driver board

That manages the operation of all components and provides power to them

IR illuminator

Diodes with a wide beam angle, variant with 4, 6, and 8 diodes


That dissipates heat from the IR plate


Built-in thermometer informing about the temperature of the board with LEDs

Controller and connectors

To control additional devices (such as a projector) using UART or RS232 protocols (depending on the variant)


1 or 2 video cameras (depending on the variant) operated via a built-in USB hub

Debug connector

Enables a device diagnostics

Visible light and infrared light sensors

Possibility of measuring the light conditions in the room

Optical filter switches

Automatic switching of optical filters for cameras as you change apps and interactions

Motioncube IR Kit
How to get it?

You can assemble the individual elements of the hardware module yourself based on the guide in the Motioncube Help Center or ask for a ready-made evaluation board from us.

The Motioncube IR-Kit is a set of carefully combined EE components. It is designed to project interactive games with various interaction techniques within one device.

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