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Motioncube Player
Configure Motioncube and play games

The software allows you to create the interactive projection, manage your device, compose an app library, create playlists, and play apps controlled by motion, IR pens or remote-controlled vehicle.

Free download

All in one Motioncube Player for your convenience

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Free Licences

You get the software for free with unlimited licenses. You only pay once for items available in the Motioncube app store.

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Software Variant Selection

You decide what device you run the interactive apps on - an interactive projection device or a desktop/interactive board.

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Built-in App Store

Offers you apps from many subjects and with various interaction techniques. Try & buy new apps and download free games quickly.

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User Interface Modes

Decide at any time whether you play or create apps. Simply select the desired user mode in the menu.

Motioncube Player for designers

Advanced software for managing devices and creating content for interactive projections

Support for applications operated by various interaction techniques

With Motioncube Player you can play games with:

  • Body motion interaction
  • IR pen control
  • Vehicle motion detection
  • Mobile augmented user interface
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Interactive floor wizard

Motioncube Player will guide you through the process of configuring your interactive device. You decide what ways of interacting with apps you want to include. You can run auto-camera calibration or perform manual calibration.

Advanced configuration options
After entering the service PIN, additional configuration options are available: Illumination, Camera, External programs, Device type, Interaction type, Application synchronization and others.

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License portability

By transferring the MC Player license to another device of the same type, all applications assigned to the license are also transferred.

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Environment for creating games and effects from templates

Configure Motioncube app templates directly in Player. Create amazing interactive apps on your device. Export and share them with others.

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Support for different devices

Motioncube Player allows you to run applications on different computer devices:

  • Interactive projection devices
  • Desktops
  • Touchscreens
  • Interactive boards
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No software fee

No fee, no subscriptions for the Player license. If you buy any item in the store you get it forever.

High contrast mode

MC Player interface is adapted to the needs of the visually impaired, as well as for working in rooms with more light.

Interactive floor wizard

Player will guide you through the process of configurating your interactive device.

Motioncube account with permissions

Manage a series of devices under your brand and manage apps created by you.


Access to service mode is protected with PIN. Features like buying, creating profiles or playlists are confirmed with PIN.

License portability

It is useful when you deliver devices to other users. You can assigned apps to the licence and transfer it to another device.

Supported OS

Version for MS Windows 10 and above is available for free download. Version for Linux Ubuntu 22.04 is available for partners.

Auto-camera calibration

One click allows you to perfectly calibrate your camera with the projection area to ensure precise detection of motion and IR.

Free Player updates

You can always decide to update your Player to the latest version. It's free of charge.

Motioncube Player configuration and help

In the Help Centers for designers, integrators, and manufacturers, you will find manuals and numerous tips on setting up devices and configuring the software.

Software configuration

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Device set up

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App designing

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Motioncube Player for users

User-friendly interface for operating and playing games

Fun and motion at one moment

Over 250 apps are available in Motioncube App Store for movement games - team, in pairs or for individual players. It is like the feeling of playing on a magic rug.

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Writing and painting with interactive pens

About 160 games in Motioncube App Store are operated by IR pens - for individual players, in pairs, or as a team. It is like the feeling of walking on an interactive whiteboard.

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Creating playlists

Select the apps and save them as a playlist. While playing you can browse and switch easily between games in the playlist.

Several independent play areas
within one projection

Motioncube Player allows the division of the projection area into two, three or even four interaction areas for users, where everyone can run different apps.

User profiles

The user profile remembers user's favourite games and recently launched applications, and saves the previous solutions for board games.

Convenient ways to operate the Menu


Control the device and launch games using the remote control.

Mouse and keyboard

You can control the device and launch games using a mouse and keyboard connected to the projection device.

Mobile application

Use Motioncube Mobile Control app on your smartphone or tablet.

For devices with Android 8.0
Download the free Motioncube Mobile Control app to your mobile device.

For devices with IOS
Application is in preparation.
Notify me when the app is available.

Motion-controlled games

Over 250 games in buil-in App store.

IR pen-controlled games

Over 160 games in buil-in App store.

Trying out the games

Try demo versions of the games before purchase.

Creating new playlists

Select your favourite apps and save them as a playlist. Player PIN required to confirm the action.

User profiles

Create different user profiles to have quick access to the favourites, recently launched apps, and recorded boards.

Support for different languages

You can choose the interface language. We are constantly adding support for more languages.

Independent play areas

Divide the projection area into four interactive workspaces, and enable IR pen-play for more users.

Ergonomic user interfaces

The menu and app interfaces are designed acc. to the best UX practices, interaction limitations and typical usage scenarios.

Benefits of Motioncube account

Free apps download, running app demos, ordering apps, and applying seasonal promotion codes. Access to Media library.

Motioncube Player help for users

Check out the guides to learn how to use the available features and applications to make playing on the interactive floor a great experience.

App Ordering

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User Guide

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Teacher's aids

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Discover the offer of games for motion or IR-pen or vehicle interaction