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Before you start...

Download the free Motioncube Player on your interactive device and activate the selected interaction modules.
If you don't have an interactive device, HERE you will learn how to prepare one.


Motioncube Player

  • Manage your interactive projection
  • Play full versions of Motioncube apps
    * possible after purchasing the related interaction module
  • Play your apps
    * created on the basis of Motioncube templates
  • Try demo versions of all apps

88,00 €

* per each module

Interaction Modules

Enables playing games that react to the movement of a person in the interactive space, e.g. kicking a virtual ball.

Enables operating games that respond to touching with an interactive pen, e.g. drawing in an interactive space.

In case of purchasing the Light Spot Tracker module, your interactive device should have the Motioncube IR Kit or similar component.

Start using Motioncube products!

Get to know our products and choose the ones that interest you.
The presented products require the installation of the Motioncube Player and the activation of appropriate interactive modules on your device.

Content for different audiences and many occasions

  • Selection from over 440 apps operated by various interaction techniques.
  • Demo app versions. You can try all the apps in the Motioncube store for free.
  • One-time app purchase cost. You only pay for it once and use it whenever you want.
  • You may transfer the Motioncube Player license to another device of the same type, along with all apps belonging to this license.
  • Apps are available in several languages.
  • You can update purchased apps for free when newer versions become available.
  • You buy apps cheaper together with other apps in the collection.
  • Selection from over 28 app collections operated by various interaction methods.
  • App guides for educators. They help you get acquainted with the interactive apps in the collection in detail and find inspirations for your classess.
  • One-time purchase cost of the app collection. You only pay for it once and and use it whenever you want.
  • Multiplication of interaction areas within a collection of up to four games. Each user can select a different app in their workspace.
  • App playlist for the collection is included.
  • Filtering the apps in app view, collection or course view.

Create own content

  • The one-time purchase cost of the template. You buy once, but you configure many apps and update your apps whenever you need.
  • App created from a template can be exported to other devices or made available to another user.
    When importing an app for a new license, the user must incur a one-time cost of installing a related template.
  • Simple app set up with a template. The configuration process is divided into three short steps.
  • You may transfer the Motioncube Player license to another device of the same type, along with all templates belonging to this license.
  • Demo template version for free - fully configurable with game mode, but without app saving.
  • You buy templates cheaper together with other templates in the collection.
  • One-time purchase cost of the template collection.
  • Making countless games and effects and updating previously created apps whenever you need.
  • Creating own app collections in your App Library on the device.
  • Possibility to create the playlist of your various apps, the shortcut to it, and add it to the device startup.

Start completely for free!

Start using today without limits with the first interactive application.

Image Description for free

Motioncube Player

No additional modules required!

Image Description for free

Motiocube 3D Fish

Motion-interactive app in full version.

Individual price offer

A special business offer for manufacturers of interactive devices

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  • You have the option for license special price for your clients depending on the sales volume.
  • Presentation licenses. For the purpose of presenting the offer, you receive a presentation licenses for app collections.
  • Marketing materials. Possibility to share marketing materials for our products with partners.
  • Promotion codes. Preparation of special offers for clients.
  • You get commission. For each application or template sold, you will receive a commission that will increase your profits.
  • Seller panel. Motioncube app sales management.

Key features

Free from subscription

Use Motioncube solutions without any time constraints. You get everything without recurring fees - software, applications & games, templates and interactive modules.

Unlimited configurations

You create as many template configurations, app collections, and playlists as you want by paying for an app template only once.

License portability

By transferring the MC Player license to another device of the same type, all applications connected to this license are also transferred.

Free access to the graphics

When creating applications and effects based on Motioncube templates, you can use a ready-made database of graphics

Possible to try before buying

You can try all the elements: applications, games, templates and effects in the Motioncube store before buying for free.

Free updates

You can always update purchased apps or templates for free as soon as newer versions become available.