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Interactive Game and Template Store
A convenient way to compose Your App Library on a device

The App Store is available online and in the Player on your device. It offers a user-friendly process of browsing app collections, and filtering games per different categories, like a topic, user age, number of players, app control method (motion, IR pen, RC vehicle), and device type (interactive floor or PC station and interactive whiteboard).

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Various topics of games and apps

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Over 440 games and apps of various fields: strategy and logic, sports and fun, coding and algorithmics, environment, languages, mathematics, special educational needs, parties, business events and advertising apps.

Templates to create your games and presentations

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Configure templates with your graphics and sounds, change popups in your applications the way you want and create impressive effects and games. Based on each template, you can generate any number of new applications.

Apps for different methods of interaction

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Motioncube App Store offer games and applications with various techniques of interacting: controlling with body movement or IR pens, or using RC robots or even additional mobile devices.

Option to try all the store content before buying

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Try all the games, apps and templates in the Motioncube App Store for free. Run the demo version and enjoy the game.

What do we offer in Motioncube App Store for you?

App Store available online and built into the Motioncube Player

You can browse apps in online store or on the device in Player.

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Possible to try all the apps and games before buying

You can try out the apps for free before purchasing. It will help you to make good choices.

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IR light pen-operated games

Over 158 applications operated with interactive pens, designed for one up to several users.

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Motion-controlled games

Over 245 applications for team play, in pairs or single players.

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RC vehicle-operated games

Games dedicated to remotely-controlled toys, e.g. toy cars or interactive robots controlled with a mobile app or remote control.

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Responsive game interface

The interface of games and applications adapts to the resolution of the screen/visual projection.

Support for multilingualism

The interface of games and templates is available in various languages.

Quick order and app delivery

With a Motioncube account, the user can make quick purchases, redeem purchase codes and download free games.

Free updates of games

Any time there is a new game version, you can update it on your device without cost.

Games for many uses

Different domains of games allow you to create a dedicated App Library on the device.

Generating purchase codes

For paid orders, you will generate purchase codes with which users will install the applications.

Explore applications from the Motioncube store

Enable collections of games
for your devices

You can decide which Motioncube app store content is visible in the built-in store on your device. Adjust your choice to the individual needs of your customers and the constraints of your device. Go to Configure Motioncube option and select the scope of interactive techniques in the interactive floor wizard.

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Technical requirements

  • Motioncube Player software is required to run games and applications. In Player, on a device connected to the Internet, you will see the current offer of the Motioncube App Store with the option of placing an order or a quick purchase.

    Motioncube Player

  • The device intended for interactive projection must meet the technical requirements to support the selected type of interactive applications.

    Motioncube IR Kit

  • When you start Motioncube Player for the first time, you specify what interactive features your device supports. This choice will affect the visibility of the apps in the built-in Application Store - only the apps supported by your device will be shown.

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Constantly developed and updated content of the game store

We are happy to respond to customer needs and to know user opinions. We extend our offer and refresh games regularly.

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