About Us

About Us
How did it start?

The Motioncube software platform was founded by the Krakow-based company - LavaVision. In 2012, Dr Eng. Rafał Petryniak, out of concern for ensuring the best conditions for the development and education of his four children and their friends, began work on creating interactive solutions that will enable them to play in any space using various methods of operation, including body movement, IR pens or remote-controlled vehicles.

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People Passion Vision

Our work is not only technology-oriented. We focus at first on people like you, your clients and our teamwork!

We develop for you...

The solutions were created with children in mind. However, the same technology has also been applied in other areas. Motioncube solutions are currently used by companies, event agencies, and museums to create unique interactive presentations and visual spectacles.

We are constantly creating solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. We work on technological innovations and expand the offer of interactive games and effects.

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