Motioncube Hands Movement

Motioncube Hands Movement
Interact with apps via hands

This module allows you to operate games and applications that respond to the hands touching to the board on the table. This type of interaction is great for dynamic play during team games and competition, which is a great way to relax and bond with friends.

Motionbube Hands
How it works?


Hand interaction allows you to play individually or in pairs, participants control the application interface by moving their hands. Touch applications are inspired by the most popular games and activities such as tennis, air hockey or darts.


Hands interaction supports cognitive development, hand-eye coordination and strategic thinking in young students and older adults.

How Motioncube Hands working?

What makes Hand interaction special?

Play on interactive tabletop

Interactive projection on the tabletop

Grup users

Two-player one-on-one competition

Cooperative games

The most popular arcade games

Games and apps for
Hands interaction

Team and cooperative games not only strengthen bonds, but also teach teamwork. Whether it's logical challenges that stimulate the mind or games full of humor and lightness - each of them has been designed to provide unforgettable experiences and put a smile on every face. The games' colorful and cheerful graphics make the game even more enjoyable.

Games and apps with motion interaction

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