Projection on Wall

Interactive projection
on your wall

Imagine a realistic picture on the wall with moving elements that change colours and states. You are touching the wall or throwing a ball at the wall and hit one of the elements. If you hit the target, you get a point. You play paintball, basketball, or a four-in-line game in this magical way. This is realized through the interactive projection. The Motioncube Player displays the interactive surface and games. Experiment freely with the starter pack - Motioncube Player and 3D Fish.

Several techniques to interact with apps on the wall


Touch and motion

This module allows you to play games and animations that respond to the movement and touch in the projection area on the wall. The moving shadow of your hand also triggers the interaction effect.

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Motion interaction
IR Pens interaction

IR Pens

This module allows you to operate games which respond to the touching of an infrared light pen to the wall's surface. In creative applications with drawing, you can use several IR pens at the same time.

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Bouncing balls

This module allows you to operate games by ball bounce on the wall's surface. You can play several balls at the same time. If you hit the target you release the interaction effect. By the way, this is an interesting way to improve your accuracy in throwing at the target.

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Balls throwing

Multiplication of the play area

You can divide the projection area on the wall to allow several users to play different games. This is applicable for IR pen-operated games.

One work area

One work area

Two work areas (horizontal)

Two work areas

Two work areas (vertical)

Three work areas

Three work areas (horizontal)

Four work areas (for full HD)

Games for the interactive projection on the wall

Games and apps on wall projection

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