Imagine and draw it!

What grew up in the garden?

Who lives in this cave?

Make a birthday card for someone.

Decorate your hands.

Design a T-shirt.

How to express what you feel, think, dream? Just draw it!

Draw with students in a shared space on the interactive floor. Train painting, drawing with the youngest! Imagine application is included in the Colours Power- a set of interactive applications operated by light pens, practicing visual perception and fine motor skills.

Who lives in this aquarium? Imagine application from Colours Power collection.

Who lives in this aquarium? Imagine application from Colours Power collection.


  • In Imagine application, you can choose from 25 ready-made art themes.
  • There is a possibility of teamwork.
  • You have extra blank board for free creativity.
  • Draw with precision, just like on an interactive whiteboard!

The undoubted advantage of each application from the Colours Power apps is the function of a blank drawing block equipped with paints, brushes, stamps and an eraser, which gives an endless field for the display of children's imagination, and the teacher has the freedom to design classes.

See examples of art work topics



Sea creatures

Sea creatures

A piece of paper no longer limits you when you use interactive drawing boards.

On the plus side:

  • Treat this space as a place for fun and games (e.g. tic-tac-toe).
  • It is a huge interactive space for the expressing of children's ideas.

Because everything can be drawn - imagine it!


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