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We work to ensure that the interface in our applications is well-localized for your region.
You can check the translation status for your language below.

12 supported languages

English native language Czech in preparation auto-translated German auto-translated Spanish auto-translated French auto-translated Italian auto-translated Lithuanian auto-translated Polish native language Portuguese auto-translated Slovak in preparation auto-translated Romanian auto-translated Ukrainian auto-translated
Motioncube Player interface
Motioncube Player interface
Motioncube Remote Control (Android, iOS)
Motioncube Web Pages
Main Page
Store Page
PRO Page (for designers) exclusively
User's support (email, phone, chat)
Designer's support (email, phone, chat)
Partners's support (email, phone, chat)
Store content
Little Steps (Collection)
Balls & Goals (Collection)
Head First (Collection)
Colours Power (Collection)
For fun (Collection)
Happy Stones (Collection)
Fairy Tale Puzzles (Collection)
Minds Battles (Collection)
Eco Friends (Collection)
Kodi and the Secret Castle (Collection)
Code with Ava (Collection)
Code with Ava in kindergarten (Collection)
Shapesters (Collection)
Little Maths Heroes (Collection)
Luminous Planet (Collection)
Luminous Planet In Trouble (Collection)
Pawns In Action (Collection)
Robot Adventures (Collection)
Red Bus (Collection)
Dot Bot (Collection)
Chessboard Fans (Collection)
Halloween fun (Collection)
Snow Crew (Collection)
Early school exercises (Collection)
Arcade Game Champions (Collection)
Your Anniversary Party (Collection)
Your Birthday Party (Collection)
Your Wedding Party (Collection)
Move Your Brand (Collection)

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