Motioncube Balls Throws

Motioncube Balls Throws
Interact with apps via balls

This module allows you to operate games and applications that respond to the touching of a balls to the board. This type of interaction is great for dynamic play during team games and competition.

Motionbube Balls
How it works?


Interaction with balls allows you to play in two-person or team competitions, participants score points by throwing the ball and competing in competitions inspired by popular sports disciplines such as basketball, football, bowling or tug-of-war.


Interaction with balls helps to practice accuracy and dexterity, stimulates body motor skills and improves memory and logical skills.

How Motionbube Balls working?

What makes Balls interaction special?

Play on interactive wall

Playing with balls takes place on the interactive wall

Grup users

Dynamic fun on the move for individual or grup users

Cooperative games

Cooperative and competitive games and apps

Games and apps for
Balls interaction

Team and cooperative games not only strengthen bonds, but also teach teamwork. Whether it's logical challenges that stimulate the mind or games full of humor and lightness - each of them has been designed to provide unforgettable experiences and put a smile on every face. The games' colorful and cheerful graphics make the game even more enjoyable.

Games and apps with motion interaction

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