Learning through play and challenges

Whether your child is an art lover, novice programmer or sports fan, you will find here the games to inspire them.

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The game with caps in a new version. Use the light pen to guide the soccer player and score goals.

"Caps soccer" game from the "Balls & Goals" app collection

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This is how you can understand the multiplication!

"Multiplication table" game from the "Little Maths Heroes" app collection

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Strategic games

Even though it is a board game, only sports challenges await you!

The "Olympic Champion" game from the "Pawns in action" app collection

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Recognize who we are looking for and point to the lost figure.

"Lumies Detective" game from the "Luminous Planet" app collection

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Run on water lilies and arrange words in English.

"Lilies'Letters" game from the "Red Bus" app collection

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Draw, write or scribble the way you like! The floor can handle anything.

Drawing with the application "Imagine" from the "Colours Power" app collection

Focus on integration and emotions

Joint fun in one space. The gratification at the end of the game
brings satisfaction and motivates children to break new records.

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Pair games

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Individual play

Change the ways of learning

Motioncube combines movement and fun with the innovative technology of an interactive floor,
actively shaping the cognitive processes of its users.


We play on the floor, we run, jump and touch it.


Draw, paint and write on the floor, just like on an interactive whiteboard.


Code interactively on the floor. Arrange the code using virtual blocks.

play with robots

Remotely control the vehicle to complete the game missions.

Experience with many senses

We focus on a variety of exercises and interactive games on the floor
that stimulate action and promote more effective learning.

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stimulated by beautiful, inspiring graphics

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stimulated by accompanying sounds

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provided with intellectual challenges and emotions

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activated to move by the dynamics of games

Are you looking for fun or challenges?

You don't have to choose. You have everything you need in the app collections.

Fun in the kindergarten

Fun in the kindergarten

Play with "Camomiles" application from the "Little Steps" app collection.

Challenges at school

Challenges at school

Playing "Draughts" from the "Chessboard Funs" app collection.

You can play Motioncube apps on:

Interactive whiteboards

Interactive floors

Touch screens

You have a large selection of interactive apps

We are constantly developing applications and expanding the base of games and interactive exercises. Explore various activities, including language games, math puzzles, coding exercises, robot missions, drawing exercises, eco-friendly games, sports games, and many others.


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Refresh the collection of games on your floor.

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