Entertaining and relaxing games

Join the fun, exercise and experience sports emotions!

Invite your friends to a game of billiards. Or maybe play a football match?

Boredom doesn't look here, and the emotions are good!

Timeless party games in a brand new interactive experience.

Competition or cooperation

Having fun together

Movement and emotions

Sports and entertaining games provide a great opportunity to:

Get active

Build relationships

Have fun and relax

Practice cooperation skills

Express emotions


Sports Games

Explore the Motioncube database of great apps that respond to player movement

  • Competitive ball games: Soccer, Penalty kicks, Ping-pong and more
  • Individual or team play, own game strategies.
  • Games for time or lives, scoring, congratulation screens.
  • Various motor activities on the boards - hitting the target, avoiding obstacles, catching moving objects, controlling the object.
  • High dynamics of games and a positive impact on the development of body motor skills.

Board Games

Discover unusual board games supported by interactive pens

  • Activation for self-thinking.
  • Classic and modern: Ludo, Billiards, Lunapark and many others.
  • Immersive interactive gameplay for 2-4 players aged five and up.
  • Various themes of games - strategic, sports, knowledge, and games of chance.
  • Individual or tournament play modes are available.
  • The board can be split into two different games.
  • A large-format, graphically attractive game with virtual dice and pieces.

Strategic Games

Discover interactive pen-driven games that will challenge players

  • A great way to fight boredom and activate the intellect.
  • Choose from: Checkers, Tic-tac-toe, Minesweeper and many more.
  • Rivalry, motivation and emotions.
  • One- and two-player games, ages five and up.
  • The board can be divided into four different games.
  • Activation of logical and analytical thinking.
  • Intuitive game interfaces, easy operation.

Spaces that should not lack a corner for games:

Entertainment centres


Community centres


Hotels and restaurants