Promote your brand!

Create an impressive interactive space for your customers with games signed with your brand.

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Choose a collection of configurable apps - Move Your Brand or use Motioncube app templates.


Customize the appearance of apps by adding your backgrounds and graphics.


Present the interactive animations to your audience with your unique logo and company background.


How to create an interactive space for brand promotion?

  1. Learn how to set up an interactive projection device at Motioncube Help Center.
  2. Create an account in the Motioncube store.
  3. Choose a Move Your Brand collection or a set of templates.
  4. Configure apps by inserting your logo and background. Follow the guide in Help Center for app designers.
  5. Promote your brand in an interactive space where applications respond to movement!
How to create an interactive space for brand promotion?

Promote more than your brand!

The Move Your Brand collection and app templates are also perfect for promoting:

A product or service

A project or a social campaign

Special events


Choose a collection of interactive applications where you will insert backgrounds and graphics with your visual identity. Animate your audience with your brand.

Move Your Brand App Collection

Move Your Brand

The collection includes twelve customizable animations for presentation and fun. With just three images, you can set up your apps and get an interactive, visually consistent ad that gets your audience moving and playing with your brand.

Show us your brand

in your apps based on Motioncube templates

A collection of configurable apps is not enough for you? Looking for other effects that meet your requirements?

Use interactive app templates and create applications tailored to your needs!