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Create Your mc Interactive Space

Adjust the mc projection to your needs

You can create custom multimedia installations using Motioncube software. Motioncube detects movements and infrared light spots on various surfaces.

Motioncube Interactive Showroom 1


Bouncing balls

Motioncube Interactive Showroom 2

IR Pens

Mobile devices

Motioncube Interactive Showroom 3

RC vehicle

QR tiles


Integrate your device
based on
mc guides

Make your device!

Integrate the projection device based on our start guide using a depth camera. Install the selected content from the Application Store. Launch the playlist and play freely!

Thinking of an advanced solution supporting different ways of interacting? Use our Motioncube IR Kit sensor.

Sell your devices!

Are you about to distribute integrated devices for your market? We have dedicated features to support you.

Configuring a line of devices is as simple as one click. Learn more on Motioncube Pro.

How to start?

Just create an account in Motioncube. Install the Motioncube Player and log in. Motioncube will guide you there.

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