Create places where everyone can engage

The fun is always in fashion. In a space full of movement and joy, everyone will find the child within them.

Regardless of age, mobility, beliefs, everyone can find fulfillment here by playing what they like and the way they like.

Motioncube Interactive Showroom 1


Bouncing balls

Support cognitive development through play

Play games and activities that engage your mind and body.

Thanks to a variety of interactive scenarios, participants develop critical thinking, memory and problem-solving skills while having great fun.

Motioncube Interactive Showroom 2

IR Pens

Mobile devices

Let's let children enjoy their achievements

Playing individually or in a team is more than just a way to spend time.

Our games provide children with positive reinforcement for their efforts, which builds their self-confidence and motivation to develop further.

Motioncube Interactive Showroom 3

RC vehicle

QR tiles


Many ways to play and develop combined in one solution

interactive floor

Set the interactive projection on a floor and play in the most intuitive way.

interactive table

Set the interactive projection on a tabletop and discover new advantages for players.

interactive wall

Set the interactive projection on your wall and discover new perspectives of our games.