Games and exercises on the interactive floor

Follow us in small steps!

Interactive corrective and compensatory exercises are designed to improve visual perception and eye-hand coordination.

They develop communication skills and encourage children to act creatively and independently.

Pattern matching, sound games, jigsaw puzzles

Identifying, differentiating, matching

Memory games, matching pairs

The exercises on the interactive floor develop:

Visual and aural perception

Motor skills and eye-hand coordination

Spatial orientation

Attention and memory

Independence, initiative and creativity

Communication skills

Interactive games and activities for therapeutic purposes

Explore the Motioncube apps for special education needs

Interactive games and activities for therapeutic purposes

The proposed games practice the ability to identify, categorize and arrange items. They train visual analysis and synthesis on thematic and athematic materials. They shape the ability to remember a pattern or arrangement and to plan a movement path (gross or fine motor skills).

The applications offer the opportunity to work individually, in pairs or in groups. Including them in educational classes enables experimentation and acquisition of new experiences that stimulate the child's development in all areas: physical, emotional, social and cognitive.

What are the characteristics of Motioncube revalidation applications?

Selection of exercise difficulty level

Contrasting colours, simple shapes and patterns

Exercises in motion, with accompanying sounds

Support materials for teachers

Objects in the illustrations known from everyday life

Gratification after completing the game