Lumies world is a code running fun

Coding seems to be very trendy recently. It is getting a more and more popular topic in education, also in early childhood education. But not the popularity of the subject makes us, LavaVision team, introduce this topic in our games, but our belief that coding brings many useful skills for children, like

  • creativity,
  • problem-solving approach,
  • logic and algorithmic thinking,
  • simplifying the things,
  • keeping order and being patient,
  • teamwork.

We are programming enthusiasts, and we like to share our passion with others, especially the youngest users of our applications. We would feel unsatisfied if there were no motion-controlled interactive games devoted to programming issues. Apps that could be played by the youngest kids running on the floor, apps that on the one hand could be simply joyful games, and on the other hand apps that unobtrusively present some of the coding concepts. Those were the reasons to create specific collections of apps dedicated to coding fun: Luminous Planet and Luminous Planet in Trouble.

Who are the Lumies?

Lumies are small robots (we could analogise their look to the integrated circuits) who live on the Luminous Planet. Their planet is illuminating, shining with colourful lights (we could analogise these lights to LEDs).

What do they do?

They simply code all the time. Coding on their planet is like sending light messages (read: chains of lights) to each other. They need it to live. To send messages all the connections (paths on the planet) need to be ensured to work properly, therefore Lumies check and repair the broken ones and create the new ones.

Why do they need children on their planet?

Sometimes they can't cope with the excess of problems on the planet: broken connections, lost inhabitants, lost data, unfinished paths, incomplete messages. Worse, from time to time the Luminous Planet is attacked by the cosmic Draconids, who have fun in destroying the Lumies' world and stealing their energy. They are losing their energy with every broken path or corrupted message, therefore they need the help of others to restore order and let the colourful energy flow again.

Are you ready for this exciting fun?

Jump on their planet and use your energy to help the Lumies rebuild their world and create a lot of new colourful energy. Lumies will be grateful for your help in this mission, and you will hear their cheerful applause at the end of each job! So run, jump, step, touch them and see how powerful you are! 

Where is the coding in it? It is all about the coding behind this fun, try to find it.

LavaVision team wishes all of you great fun on the Luminous Planet!

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