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Make the surface interactive with mc

interactive <span class="fw-bold">floor</span>

interactive floor

On the floor, play like never before. Moving in any way you want will unleash your creativity and allow you to experience the fun of interaction.

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interactive <span class="fw-bold">table</span>

interactive table

Use the potential of the table surface as a space for interactive play. Make the inclusive fun for people of all ages.

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interactive <span class="fw-bold">wall</span>

interactive wall

Let you be surprised with the interactive wall. Experience the fun from a different perspective, including unexpected ways to play.

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Play mc games in many ways

Motion icon 01
Motion image

on the floor, table, wall


Play most intuitively - by walking, jumping, touching or waiving, simply moving. The applications respond to the movement of your whole body.

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IR Pens icon 02
IR Pens image

on the floor, table, wall

IR Pens

Take the interactive pen and start drawing. Did you know that you can paint together a beautiful poster? You can also play with friends various strategic and board games.

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Remote-controlled vehicle icon 03
Remote-controlled vehicle image

on the floor

Remote-controlled vehicle

Invite your robot to gameplay! Control the real hero on the floor and follow the designed path. Together win the game!

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Hands icon 04
Hands image

on the table


Play games that respond to the movement of your hands in the projection area on the table. Expect exciting gameplay with virtual hand controllers. Feel arcade style in your life.

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Bouncing balls icon 05
Bouncing balls image

on the wall

Bouncing balls

Operate games by bouncing the ball off the wall's surface. You can play with several balls at once. Hit the target on the wall and release the interaction effect—an attractive way to cooperate or compete in the game.

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Mobile devices icon 06
Mobile devices image

on the floor, table, wall

Mobile devices

Play network games using mobile devices. Invite friends, e.g. to a competition in programming. This is an exciting and more demanding gameplay for interactive life fans.

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See where you can use it


mc education

Teach through movement, fun and challenges with our edu apps

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mc seniors

Improve the quality of life of elderly people living with dementia

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mc events

Personalize dedicated game collections for various occasions

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mc entertainment

Choose interactive sports and board games

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mc therapy

Stimulate visual perception and motor coordination while playing

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mc programming

Turn your coding lessons into a hero adventure with our apps

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mc advert

Show your brand on the interactive floor, table or wall

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mc templates

Make games yourself without writing a line of code

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Find the inspirations on mc user blog

How can I get mc solution?

You can check in the Application Store the available devices on your market or just do it yourself!

Make interactive projections with Motioncube. Connect required devices and run the interactive software. You can obtain several ways of interacting with apps on one surface. For example, play by movement and remotely controlled vehicle on the floor or bounce the balls and move hands on the wall.

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Motioncube Wall Ball